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As described last week you can adjust how the objects (boxes, trucks, and so on) are displayed by the LPV using SAP Visual Business 2.1 and also define which functions are attached. Today another option: Configure how the load plan is structured within the Transportation Cockpit using the layouts.

The standard display looks like this (using the WD configuration /SCMTMS/WDCC_LSO_LOAD_PLAN_CO). The information table including the load plan, statistics, and the load distribution is on the right side and the 3-D scene on the left in a 50:50% setup.

This is defined in the page layout:. To open the configuration, press the marked button:

Now a new column is available, where you can select different configurations matching your needs:

For example, it is possible to use the Load Planning without the 3-D scene for customers not wanting to install the SAP Visual Business 2.1 on each client. My perspective is that this should be a rare case, because the 3-D scene helps a lot to quickly check the load plan.

Another option is to select a more flexible UI where the user can select the view using a dropdown box:

Keep in mind that it is always possible to use the maximize button on the top right corner of the screen area.

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