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Long awaited feature: Use the Container Units in the Transportation Cockpit for planning. Since SAP TM 9.1 this is possible and today I would like to explain how to first get the Container Units into the Transportation Cockpit.

Since the Transportation Cockpit is a highly flexible user interface with lots of adjustment capabilities covered by the page layouts, it is required to create or adjust an existing page layout to make the new Container Unit screen areas visible. Under the Transportation Units Area you can find 3 new Container Unit specific views (flat list, flat list stage based, and hierarchy). Which one to choose depends on the user task. Try it out.

Now already  the Transportation Cockpit can be filled with the data using the Selection Criteria entry screen. Enter the just created page layout and pick the Container Units by entering the Transportation Unit Category and a criteria fitting to the CUs in your system.

As result the Transportation Cockpit displays the CUs in the selected lists or hierarchy. Of course those CU specific screen areas can be combined with all other already existing screens.

When not using the selection criteria, but planning and selection profiles, it is also possible to integrate the CUs. First create a selection profile for additional attributes. Here you can pick the field TU_CAT of /SCMTMS/TO and select Container Units. Of course this can be combined with other available attributes.

Add this additional attribute selection to a selection profile:

Enter this selection profile in your planning profile for Transportation Units:

When entering the Transportation Cockpit using the profile screen using this planning profile, the selection will be applied.