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The package builder has grown massively with the developments done for Transportation Management 9.6 and S/4HANA 1909. One area of improvement was the introduction of location soft groups: The PB tries to first create mixed packages for all items belonging to locations within a group. When this package is utilized well enough, it can be taken over into the final result and no further consolidation / mixing with other items happen. Unfortunately, this only worked when using the provided enhancement spot method /SCMB/IF_PB_ENHANCE~SET_PACKAGE_COMPLETE as the standard lacked a definition what 'utilized well enough' means. Only completely full packages are taken over as final and this seldom happens in heterogeneous product scenarios.

With S/4HANA 2020, the package builder has been enhanced to offer such a definition in the Package Builder Profile:

Under the grouping settings, you can pick a 'Quantity for Utilization Threshold'. In the 2 fields below you can specify the values for single business partners and location (soft) groups. For example, if you pick volume and 50%, any result pallet for such a group with a volume utilization above 50% should not be mixed further with other items.

So let's take a look at an example. Here is the location soft group:

I run the package builder test report /SCMB/TEST_PB with the following items:

As a result, I see 2 pallets created, but having the locations mixed. After analyzing, I come to the conclusion that actually the pallet for the shopping mall SY_BJ should be fine.

So a activate the thresholds by picking volume and 45%.

I run the scenario again and get this:

I can see that the pallet for SY_BJ was created and finalized. The result pallet for SY_GWP was not above the threshold, and was further filled with items from unspecified locations.

Now a test for business partners. I activate the same feature for business partners:

Items to be packaged:


It is possible to combine both thresholds.

In addition to the single quantity and threshold value, that can be defined in the PB profile, it is possible for more complex requirements to use enhancement spot /SCMB/IF_PB_ENHANCE~ADJUST_SETTINGS. Parameter CS_SETTINGS_INTERNAL offers the definitions PKG_GRP_UTIL_THRESHOLDS, SOFT_LOC_GEN_UTIL_THRESHOLD, and BP_GEN_UTIL_THRESHOLD, where multiple thresholds can be defined.

Of course it is still possible to use the enhancement spot method /SCMB/IF_PB_ENHANCE~SET_PACKAGE_COMPLETE to decide per result package if it is final or not.

I demonstrated this using the PB test report, but of course this is working also when using the package building in the business documents.