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Today I would like to add another dimension to our packaging scenario started with MKS101: Cartonization. So far we worked on products going directly onto a pallet, we checked this without and with package material and also used layer definitions already. Now I would like to demostrate how we can easily add a product that first goes into a carton (actually 2 different types) and those cartons go onto the same pallet type like our first two products.

So I create the new product:


I already tell the system that 12 peices make a full (stock) carton.

So here is the stock carton package material:

I use the generic unit of measure CAR, but of course depending on the variety of the carton types used I could also be more specific here using a custom unit of measure. Of course important is to mark this a closed package material.

I complete the unit of measure definitions:

My scenario includes that remaining product quantities not filling a complete stock carton go into a pick carton to consolidate together with other products.

To make the packaging work, new package type assignments are required:

For the product, I set the standard target package material (CARTON_STOCK), but also the mixed package material (CARTON_PICK). For both cartons I define that they go on the pallet. Here it is currently required to explicitly define this for each package material. It is not possible to use pattern entries and also the usage of a material hierarchy is not supported.

When I run now a very basic packaging, I see already a reasonable result:

I tested with a quantity filling a single stock carton and one remaining piece. System correctly created the cartons and also put them correctly onto the pallet.

Let's check the full package quantity for the stock carton:

Great! Now let's combine all of our 3 products:

This new dimension of cartonization brings a lot of new questions: How can I separate cartons from directly palletized products? How can I consider the content of a carton when determining the next level packaging?