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After we started our little package building scenario with MKS101 and developed it with MKS102 already into a mixed package building scenario, today I will introduce the package material. Remember, so far we still work without package materials and without a package building profile. Everything works just based on the product definitions and the package type assignment. I think for some basic scenarios this might be sufficient, but real logistics most likely require a bit more.

So I create a package material in MM01:

I enter the package material dimensions and weight.

I specify the global weight limit. The PB uses this as absolute maximum. This can only be reduced in the package type assignment, but never increased. So here I tell our customers to either set the physical limit the package material allows or to define the global company limit.

I do the same for the maximum dimensions. Here the same for the height: global limit that can only be reduced.

Please don't ask me about the distribution of the defintition across multiple tabs and also about the availabilty of the tabs depending on the selected material type. I am no material expert. 🙂

I adjust the package type assignment for my 2 products: I enter the product and REMOVE the Unit of Measure. The PB will pick up the base unit of measure of the package material now and my thinking is always to have only the really required definitions in this assignment. This field can be used to point to a different unit of measure when picking up the full package quantity in the product (for example in case you use different package materials with the same base unit of measure or the package material has the same base unit of measure like the product). I also remove the maximum height that we entered in MKS102 as I do not have a specific limit so far.

Now comes something special to keep in mind: So far the package material was included in the full quantity package definition in the product. So we need to reduce the height and weight:

I know that this could also be seen differently, BUT excluding the package material here gives the chance to use this 100 EA -> 1 PAL entry for multiple different package materials, that might share the same surface, but have different weight / height. I think once you know it it should be fine and the last step to reduce it in the master data does anyway not happen when you start right away with the knowledge that your scenario includes package materials.

Now let's run our PB scenario (I skip the very simple 1 EA -> 1EA + 1EA scenarios, but believe me I have done them to understand and check what happens):

Package material in our PB scenario: Check.

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