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Today, I would like to highlight a solution coming from our SAP Consulting Digital Supply Chain, the enhancement service Missing Parts for SAP EWM.

Out-of-stock materials that are requested for replenishment or production staging can badly affect a smooth business flow. Therefore, a seamless integration of products from goods receipt directly to the location where they are needed – so called pre-allocated stock – can reduce unnecessary waiting times. Furthermore, a system-automated creation of the pre-allocated stock requirement can reduce the manual maintenance efforts and the workforce can focus on what really matters.


Motivation and Scope

The enhancement service Missing Parts for SAP EWM enables a hands-on experience by including a flexible, ready-to-use process integration into SAP EWM standard processes:

  • Customer Workshop

  • Live demo

  • Implementation of the Missing Parts Consulting Solution for SAP EWM



The main objective of the process integration into SAP EWM is the detection of full or partial out‑of‑stock situations and the subsequent automatic pre-allocated stock creation.

  • Detection of Full / Partial out‑of‑stock situation

  • Trigger reusable exception code with individual follow-up actions (e.g. e-mail notification)

  • Creation of pre-allocated stock record

  • Background job for pre-allocated stock deletion (housekeeping)


Technical Architecture

  • SAP EWM is SAP S/4HANA decentralized/embedded Release 2020 (Oct 2020) or higher


Key Benefits

The following key benefits provide some ideas about how the service Missing Parts for SAP EWM offers improvements for the supported scenarios.

  • Reduction of manual missing parts handling close to 0 due to automated process integration

  • Individual selection of relevant processes

  • Reusable exception codes for further use cases

  • Use of EWM standard functionality

  • Reduced maintenance through automatic deletion

  • Increase Warehouse operations efficiency (avoid first put away and then stage)


Supported Scenarios

The following scenarios are supported by the Missing Parts for SAP EWM solution:

·         Production Material Request (PMR) Staging (cross and single order) ·         Delivery-based staging for manufacturing orders (cross and single order)
·         JIT (Just-In-Time) Call (next generation) ·         Kanban with Warehouse Requirement
·         Fixed Bin Replenishment ·         Crate Part Replenishment
·         Kanban with direct warehouse task creation

Additional scenarios can be added on customer project basis, not covered by the fix price offering.


Service Outlook

The service is already available to our customers. New functionality will be added in the future considering requirements from customers. The following scenarios are already planned for further enhancement:

  • Storage Type Replenishment

  • Simulation of Warehouse Task Creation

If you have more questions regarding this topic, please contact us via E-Mail:

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Additional Information

This service is offered as an add-on to enhance the SAP EWM solution. You can find this add-on as part of the Consulting Solution “Enhancement Service for SAP EWM”, which you can find in our Services and Support catalogue by accessing the following link:
Services & Support Catalog – Enhancement Services for SAP EWM.

Further details can be found in SAP note 2943235.

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