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Today i would like to present a recently released feature which was developed as part of the Customer Connection 2019 program.

With note 2979103 “Mass Change Packaging Specification” we support a feature requested several customers.

SAP EWM customers use Packaging Specifications extensively to provide instructions for the received parts, for outbound processes and several other repacking operations. We see thousands to millions of packaging specifications across their supply chains. This creates administrative busy work however when they want to change something about a packaging specification and end up applying these changes individually to all records. The amount of time required to make the same change and then save and activate each packaging specification can increase exponentially.

To simplify this, we have made a change to the transaction /SCWM/PACKSPEC by adding a new button "Mass Change 2nd Version" to the toolbar. This button allows users to change multiple packaging specifications at one time.

With this addition, users don’t have to navigate into the individual packaging specification detail screen to change it one by one. Instead, you can select one or more items whose status icon is marked yellow, click the ‘Mass Change 2nd Version’ button, input one or more attributes (Header/Content/Levels) in the pop-up window and save the changes by clicking the Execute button. Please note that “Mass Change” for packaging material only works for the items with 1 product in its content.

More details on this and how to implement this improvement can be found in SAP Note 2979103 “Mass Change Packaging Specification”. Please note that this enhancement is available for Business Suite EWM 9.4 and above, and on the S/4HANA core it is available for EWM 1809 and above.

For a more in depth look into the full list of improvements part of the Customer Connection program we have delivered this year, please refer to the Customer Connection Program 2020 presentation.

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