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In this blog I will show how to setup manifest profile document activities so that they can cover different sea duration types (shortsea and deepsea).

Sea Duration Type

Ocean lines usually are long distanced and take days or weeks, this is what we call Deepsea. But some ports are very near to each other, it may take less then 24 hours, and this is the Shortsea.

Imagine you need to configure one manifest profile for which documents should be submitted to port 24 hours before arrival. It is OK for deepsea, as there is plenty of time before arrival; But it is difficult for shortsea, because there is no enough time left after loading. This means that the submission activity for the document needs to be scheduled with normally less than 24 hours.

Maintain Manifest Profile

When defining document activity at design time, you can give different offset to deepsea and shortsea, for example, deepsea 48 hours ETA; shortsea 3 hours ETA. So system will schedule the submission 48 hours ETA for deepsea document instance and 3 hours ETA for shortsea document instance.


Determine Sea Duration at Runtime

In general, system calculate the 'distance' from  origin port to submission port and determine the sea duration type for each document instance that generated at runtime.

Here is what happens during the determination:

System takes the submission port's location profile, and check if the origin ports belong to the same shortsea grouping 'EU North Sea Ports' or from another group 'EU Mediterranean Sea Ports'; or the travel time is less then 20 Hours; unless specified in 'Exceptions'.

You can define whatever groupings in IMG: Manifest -> Maintain Manifest Settings -> Short Sea Groupings.

Determine Activity Scheduling Time

After sea duration type is determined, it is easy to pickup the correct activity from manifest profile and schedule it by offset. If not found or sea duration type is 'Not Defined', system will fallback to the entry that applicable to 'Both' shortsea and deepsea.


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