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Hello colleagues,

In the recent days we have come across many issues with order key completion

What is key completion:

We create planned order in APO, and save it. This order goes to R3 and comes back to APO with R3 order number. Now we set the conversion indicator for the order in APO to convert it to production / process order. The order and the conversion indicator goes to R3 where it is converted, the converted order reaches APO, now the APO order has the R3 order number. This process is called as key completion

Now we have an issue that we set conversion indicator for the order in APO, after refresh the converted order number is updated in APO , but the order category still remains as planned order and is not changed to production / process order. For this , there is an setting that has to be done in APO in the following path

SPRO -> SAP Implementation guide -> APO -> GATP -> General settings -> Maintain category

In this place we have make sure that the expected category is maintained and then this issue will not occur