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Before SAP IBP 2108, the SAP HANA Planning Engine was used in SAP IBP to simulate and disaggregate values of time-series key figures. The SAP HANA Planning Engine is a generic engine that isn’t optimized for SAP IBP use cases and doesn’t meet certain IBP requirements. To account for the increased importance of IBP, SAP decided to develop a new Simulation Engine for IBP that is based on the SAP HANA Planning Engine. It offers all capabilities of the SAP HANA Planning Engine and allows IBP-specific functional enhancements and performance optimizations.

The Simulation Engine has been released with SAP IBP 2108. For new customers starting with SAP IBP 2108, the Simulation Engine is used by default. For existing customers, a controlled roll-out approach described in KBA 3119777 is used since SAP IBP 2108.

With SAP IBP 2111 the performance of the Simulation Engine has been significantly improved (see What’s New).

We recommend that you use the new Simulation Engine to benefit from the performance improvements, for example, in interactive planning processes and user-defined scenarios.

With SAP IBP 2202 it is planned to use the Simulation Engine by default in all normalized systems.