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You might recall from Dirk's blog post, we have been working on evolving Asset Strategy & Performance Management and Predictive Asset Insights based on the SAP One Domain model to best achieve end-to-end process integration from asset strategy to maintenance execution.  We are pleased to announce that this effort is now officially an SAP product – SAP Asset Performance Management and it is part of our Intelligent Asset Management portfolio.

SAP Asset Performance Management has the same focus on the value proposition to our customers -- it provides asset strategy and asset health capabilities seamlessly integrated with SAP EAM to help increase asset reliability and availability, and reduce maintenance costs.  Specifically, it aims to provide the following capabilities:

  • Risk & Reliability Management:  Assess risk and critically of the equipment with user-friendly templates and UI.  Apply RCM, FMEA and other tools to better understand equipment functions, functional failure, failure modes etc.

  • Recommendation Management:  Determine maintenance recommendations based on risk/criticality, functions, failure modes etc

  • Maintenance Rule Management:  Configure maintenance rules based on maintenance recommendations using strategies such as risk-based, condition-based, predictive/prescriptive etc.

  • AI-based Predictive Maintenance: Apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) to determine asset remaining useful life, predictive failures, detect anomalies, and prescribe recommendations.

  • Performance Management: Blend asset reliability, asset health (including IoT), maintenance performance and financial data for analysis and decision support

You can find detailed product roadmap here.

I also would like to cover some of the questions that I keep hearing from our co-innovation customers on this topic:

"What happens now to the existing SAP Asset Strategy & Performance Management and Predictive Asset Insights products?  When/how should the existing customers move to the new SAP Asset Performance Management solution?"

SAP will continue to support SAP Asset Strategy & Performance Management and Predictive Asset Insights products as long as there are subscribers.   We do encourage the existing customers to migrate, but we understand it's a choice our customers will make based on their project roadmap/requirements.  SAP will provide general support and tools to the migration effort, but effort will also be required on customer/project side.

"Will SAP Asset Performance Management provide integration to ECC (Plant Maintenance) as well?"

While SAP Asset Performance Management is designed to work with SAP S/4HANA, support with SAP ERP 6.0 (EHP 7 & above) is planned in the upcoming releases.  However, there will be minor integration and feature limitations with SAP ERP 6.0 (as compared to integration with SAP S/4HANA).

"Is Asset Central Foundation still required for SAP Asset Performance Management? Is Asset Central Foundation or Asset Intelligence Network going away?"

SAP Asset Performance Management does not require Asset Central Foundation.  Asset Central Foundation will continue to be the data layer for Asset Intelligence Network, and Asset Intelligence Network remains an integral part of our Intelligence Asset Management strategy to enable collaboration across the network and across asset management processes.

We will post more blogs on SAP Asset Performance Management; please stay tuned by following the tag!