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Have you ever searched for SAP Notes/KBAs and did not know how to narrow down the long result list to the most relevant SAP Notes & KBAs?

SAP is offering a helpful feature with the search filter “SAP TopSolutions” as Document Type.

If your result list is too long just use search filter “Document Type = SAP TopSolutions” to obtain only SAP Notes & KBAs that were recommended already to a high number of customers or are considered by support engineers as important SAP Notes & KBAs.


How get SAP Notes & KBAs classified as SAP TopSolution?

The concept behind SAP TopSolutions is quite simple: SAP Notes & KBAs that have been attached to a high number of customer incidents get automatically classified as SAP TopSolutions. In addition, SAP support engineers review the SAP TopSolutions classification and adjust (add/remove) additional SAP Notes & KBAs as SAP TopSolutions.


Benefits for customers

  • SAP TopSolutions help customers to avoid critical situations or to solve problems on their own

  • Personalized customer settings ensure relevance to customers (Filters are automatically available to the installed software, Support Package level, System ID and relevant component)

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Lower total cost of ownership


As a result there are today approximately 50 SAP Notes & KBAs classified as SAP TopSolutions for component area EWM.

Take a look and check if your EWM system is up-to-date and most recommended SAP Notes are implemented by using the following search criteria:

EWM TopSolutions search


If you would like to be up-to-date about most recommended SAP Notes & KBAs, you can do so by saving your search and subscribing to it:

  1. Click on arrow button next to Standard filter and give your search a meaningful name

  2. On second pop-up window, choose “Notification” to be notified based on your user profile settings for “My SAP Notes & KBAs”

That way you will be informed if new SAP Notes & KBAs get classified as SAP TopSolutions.

Subscribing to latest TopSolutions - Step 1


Subscribing to latest TopSolutions - Step 2