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As the world moves into a multi-party, consumer-driven supply chain our customers are asking for an application that grants them visibility into the entire supply chain network. Ideally, this solution does not only support decision making by analyzing data but also proposes actions that can be triggered autonomously in any connected system. Timely insight and control across the value chain is key to managing internal and external disruptions. The ability to drive appropriate actions will ensure business success.

In my recent interview with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower Product Managers, Kristina Henn and Kenton Harman, I asked them about the control tower’s business value, target users and sample scenarios and key differentiators. At min. 2:43, you even get to see a lab preview demo:

There are applications that give you deep insight into different parts of the supply chain, like the logistics network or production but few that span across the entire supply chain network. These applications have a significant value to people working in roles that require all relevant information to solve their immediate issue in an area of the supply chain, but these systems cannot provide information on how irregularities and resulting actions impact other business processes and ultimately the bottom line.

In SAP Supply Chain Control Tower, we have access to relevant data and logic that is required for Demand, Inventory and Supply Planning and is closely integrated with related processes in our core systems, like SAP S/4HANA and SAP Transportation Management.

Once something is planned it moves into execution. Any event from different areas of the supply chain like transportation, production or inventory management that could have planning implications flow back into planning for re-evaluation. Here the impact on any part of the supply chain can be adjusted through re-planning which can include activities in the related source systems.

Too often decisions are based on only having part of the information required to make a strategic correct decision, but IBP has already most of the logic and data required to analyze and simulate scenarios across the entire process.

With its tight integration with our enterprise systems, with SAP S/4HANA being at the core, the Supply Chain Control Tower is in the best place to support our customers with their need to have end-to-end intelligent visibility into their supply chain.

By having a system that collects data from many areas of the supply chain and allowing the right group of people to be informed we give supply chain planners a collaboration and exception handling platform that ultimately will reduce internal and external risks.

With supply chains moving faster and faster and more individualization on final products is becoming mainstream, it is getting more and more difficult to maintain customer satisfaction. Reacting to supply chain irregularities faster and improving sustainability by optimizing the supply chain across all business processes is crucial in current and future environments.

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