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The TM Quicksearch as described here can be integrated into the NWBC role, which makes it available to all users with this role and in all systems, no system specific URL is required and the call is always done to the system the NWBC is currently connected to.

The following steps are required:

1. Enter Transaction PFCG for role maintenance

2. Create a new folder with the ID @SEARCH@ ( yes, in capaital letters... )

3. In the role create an entry of Type "Web address or file" ( you find this entry at the end of the dropdown list). The web address you enter is mainly the local      path as defined in SICF and the URL parameters, e.g. to define the search scope, minimum numbers of letters etc.(details are described in the previous      posting)

     This entry should look like this:

4. Delete the NWBC cache using the report NWBC_DELETE_MENU_CACHE

Remark: the generic process on how to integrate a search provider into the PFCG role can be found here, our search is a search following the open search standard (the second described case)