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What´s Delivery Failed?

This is about trucking. If for any reason a delivery of a planned transport did not happen we talk about “delivery failed”. It is relevant for Shipper, Freight Forwarding and Logistic Service Provider scenarios. Based on customer requests we improved our handling for failed deliveries, and we down-ported the improvement.

Basically, this is addressing the case where a Freight Document exists and you try to  deliver a Freight Unit. Now the delivery location is not ready to receive the cargo, e.g. there is nobody available when the truck arrives, no dock available or location is closed, or maybe the truck got broken. Hence, there needs to be a re-try or a re-scheduling.

Status Quo:

What we offered so far was the option to keep the item in the document while removing the freight unit. This allows for both, replanning the freight unit stage and deliver on the next day while still having the cargo item in the freight document to calculate and settle costs for the failed delivery and e.g. pay your carrier. This can be done by setting the item “Cargo Receipt”-Status in the status management tab of items to “Delivery Failed”. We keep that option in the same place.

But in scenarios where you would also need the link between the freight unit and the freight order with the failed delivery, we had no solution. This is e.g. relevant when working with cost distribution and “cost plus” charges for the forwarding order (the freight costs of the freight documents are used as input for the charges for the forwarding order), when also the delivery failed costs have to be part of the profitability view or when the failed delivery attempt has to be documented via the document flow for audit reasons.

What´s new?

We offer 2.5 new options, available in the status management tab of the items in the new dropdown “Delivery Failed”

Option 1: “Retry delivery”

This options adds a new stop (to the same freight order) for the location, for which the delivery of the selected freight unit failed. The delivery stop of the freight unit stage is re-associated to the new stop.

Example: Freight order has stops DC-C1-C2-C3 and delivery fails for the delivery at C2, then the new location sequence is DC-C1-C2-C3-C2 and the failed freight unit stage points to the newly added last stop. The additional stop can be used to apply additional charges etc., but the processing of the freight unit stays within the existing freight order, e.g. the same carrier can do the re-try.

A retry of a failed pick-up is not available.


Option 2: “Return to loading location”

In this case the freight document gets a return stage to the loading location and the freight unit gets two new stages.

Example: Freight unit has stages Source1-DC-C2. Freight order has stages DC-C1-C2-C3. The second FU stage is assigned to the freight order.

After choosing option 2 the freight order has the stages DC-C1-C2-C3-DC and the freight unit has also new stages and now looks like this: Source1-DC-C2-DC-C2.

This reflects the trip home and also the changes in the freight unit, which is now returning to the DC and is delivered again from the DC. The stages DC-C2-DC are still assigned to the first freight order, the new stage DC-C2 is unplanned and shows up in the transportation cockpit and can be replanned.

This option cannot be used for a failed pick-up per se as the inserted FU return stage is charge-relevant.

Option 2.5: “Deliver with Other Freight Document, No Return to Loading Loc.”

This last option is a simplified process and not totally consistent for all potential cases, but requested by some customers. As key difference to option 2, this option can also be used for a failed pick-up. Basically the freight document’s stop sequence remains unchanged, but the freight unit is enhanced. In the same example of Option 2 the result would be an unchanged freight order, but the freight unit would also get the stages as in option 2:  Source1-DC-C2-DC-C2. BUT: The return stage C2-DC is marked as statistical and hence is not charge-relevant and will not show up as planning relevant e.g. in the transportation cockpit. This option allows to keep the originally planned FU stage as planned and the failed freight order remains associated, while the same stage is inserted into the FU again to allow a replanning of a separate freight order, e.g. for a different carrier. This option is only available after adding it explicitly to the WD configuration customizing, the necessary steps are as follows:

  • Start the WD application CUSTOMIZE_COMPONENT (relative path /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/customize_component )

  • On the initial screen, provide Component name: FPM_TREE_UIBB and Configuration ID: /SCMTMS/WDCC_TOR_STA, then use button „New”. If an error message informs you that a customizing already exists, then use „Continue in Change Mode”.

  • In the maintenance screen, got to Toolbar Schema

  • Add a toolbar element (single button, or option to an existing button choice) for the event SET_CARGO_DLVFAIL_NO_R. If you don´t want to use our default text (as stated in the heading) you can also enter a text in the description column.

  • Save the customizing record

How to get the feature

The improved handling for failed deliveries is available for TM 9.4 and TM 9.5 with  note 2587770. Additionally the notes  2604150 and 2594083 are required.