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Hello Colleagues,

The purpose of this blog is to share some information regarding Co-Product modelling in IBP TS Optimizer (Cycle Error).

1) When is Co-Product required?
Co-product is mainly used to represent the production of one product that is generated automatically while manufacturing a semi-finished or finished product. This co-product is normally consumed in the process or kept is stock or even sold. In segment like Mills, Sugar Cane and mining this is a very common scenario.

2) How to build this in IBP TS Supply optimizer?

1st) You need to know where you will generate the Co-Product on your BOM structure.

2nd) You should define your co-product source type = C, in the Master Data Type > Production Source Header as follows:

3rd) With this basic setting you can see your co-product being manufactured and stocked as follows:

4th) The Cycle error, normally happens when you generate and consume the co-product, as follows

Then while running the optimizer or the check mode you get error:

Invalid production source: Cycle is defined. Co-product RM - SF2 is also component RM - SF2 and both have set time-independent, non-zero coefficients. (Co-product coefficient is 1.000000 and component coefficient is 1.000000).

The reason is written in help: "The main output product can't also be a co-product in the same production source". To solve this I normally create an "intermediate" product  as bellow:

Further details: > IBP > Business Application > Time Series Based Supply Planning > Production > Co Prod...


Hope this blog makes your life easier 😉 !


Raquel Melo

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