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In this blog you are going to know about how to use Scenario Builder to do mass creation for selection profile.

In your past SAP Transportation Management project, you possible have bad experience on taking more time and effort to create lots of selection profiles manually. Meanwhile you also worried about if the data entered are correct.

Now you can use the tool Scenario Builder which make the creation work very easy, accurate and quick.

Scenario Builder not only support selection profile mass creation, but also support other scenario data mass creation (master data &order data &configuration data), such as transportation lane, zone, forwarding order, planning profile, etc.

Let’s start using Scenario Builder to create selection profiles 

Create Scenario Builder Template

·       Start Scenario Builder from SAP Fiori launchpad

You could start Scenario Builder via Application Administration -> App Scenario Builder.

·      Create a selection profile template

Click On the App Scenario Builder to access Scenario Builder. You can find the ‘+’ button on the Lbottom-left and press the button.

Enter your Scenario template name and short description in the popup window.Then you need press the button of ‘Create’.

Now you have created a blank scenario template.

·      Create a Selection Profile Scenario

In this step, you need add a selection profile to your blank scenario template. Then the selection profile data you added will be as your sample data in your scenario template.

As you know, selection profile is of configuration data and belong to the ‘Application Administration’ block, so you should click the icon of Application Administration on the tools bar.

Then press the button of Edit to go into template edition mode.

Here you can find the icon of Selection Profiles and click on it to choose a selection profile.

Once you press the button OK to confirm, the system adds the selection profile you selected to your scenario template. Now you have created a scenario template of selection profile which consist of an example.

Download Template & Maintain Selection Profile Data

In this step, you download the template created in previous step and maintain all the selection profile data you want to create.

·       Download template to local

Return to the first page, then click the button of Download on the bottom-right to download the scenario template and save it to local as a *.ZIP archive file.


·      Exact template ZIP archive file

Extracting the ZIP archive file, you can get a excel file which file name is ‘selection_profiles.xlsx’. And then open the excel file and maintain all selection profile data in the corresponding attribute sheet of the Scenario Template. You can refer to the example data to maintain your selection profile data.

In general, you could use string ‘###’ as prefix for the selection profile ID and attribute ID. Actually it is a group of placeholder which will be replaced later when you uploading file to do mass creation.

·      Maintain selection profile data 


Worksheet ‘GEO’


Worksheet ‘TIME’

Worksheet ‘ADD’

·      Compress selection profile data as a ZIP file

After completing data maintenance, you need compress the ‘selection_profile.xlsx’  to a *.ZIP file.


Upload Data to Create Selection Profiles

In this step, you can upload your *.ZIP file maintained in previous step to system to create selection profile.

·      Upload scenario template and create scenario

Start the Scenario Builder from Fiori launchpad, and press the uploading button on the bottom-left.

In the popup window, you specify the uploading file. The system will set the Scenario Template Name automatically according to the uploading file name. You could change the Template Name based on your naming convention.

And then you press the 'Upload' button to upload selection profile data. Once it’s success, you will see a message ‘Scenario template uploaded’ is shown as below. If you find some error message are shown which indicate that there is something wrong in your data file, you should check and correct your uploading file based on the error indication.

·      Execute ‘Create Scenario’ to do selection profile mass creation  

After you uploaded the *.ZIP to system successfully, you need press the button of ‘Create Scenario’ in the bottom-right. Then a pop-up window is shown, you are required to enter the prefix letter for all the selection profile ID and attribute ID which use to replace the ‘###’ of the uploading data.

Press 'Create' button to start to do mass creation based on uploading file data. Once it is finished successfully, you will see a message "Scenario created".

At the moment, you can go to the overview worklist of selection profiles to check if selection profiles are created correctly.


Conclusion :

In order to successfully use Scenario Builder to create your selection profile in the system

  • Maintain correctly selection profile data in your uploading file refer to your example data. Don't forget to remove the example data when you finish your data maintenance.

  • Keep excel file name as ‘selection_profile.xlsx’ and don’t change the excel file name.

  • Compress the uploading file to a *.ZIP format instead of others.