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  • Figure out how to stop consumption of Component packed in HU against manufacturing Order(MO) in RF

  • Figure out how to stop consumption reversal of a component packed in HU against MO in RF


A TECO status is generally put in Manufacturing order once production life cycle has come to an end and no further activity, Goods movement, GI and GR should be performed against the Order.

However, SAP EWM  allows to perform Goods Issue and goods issue reversal even PMR/MO is tecoed.


Goods Issue

To stop Goods issue against MO/PMR, customer to implement below SAP note

3201130 - Consumption is still possible against TECO status( Valid till S/4 HANA 2021 version)

The above note introduces a check in consumption class to forbid goods issue of component if Order is marked as Teco.

  • Mark a MO as Teco.

When Order is marked as TECO, EWM PMR also gets updated.

  • Try to perform Goods issue from RF against the Teco Order.

System hard stops the goods issue with the above message.

The above notes introduces a new check in Class /SCWM/CL_MFG_CONS in below method.

In Method CHECK_DATA_FOR_CONS, system reads the TECO status of PMR and forbids further goods issue in MO which was the conceptualized requirement.


Goods Issue Reversal

Even with above note, GIR against TECO order will not be stopped and its required to further strengthen the configuration in S4 and in EWM system.

Configuration in S4.

SAP manufacturing provides System status and User status to forbid goods issue against TECO system. System status will be at client and User status will be for Order types levels.

Lets set up this for system status BS22 against Business transaction RMWA 

In EWM, set up below configuration.

Activate status type DBG (Locked Goods Movement (ERP)) in all relevant PMR item status profile.

Standard Status profiles:





Perform a goods Issue and try to perform Goods Issue reversal.

  • Perform GI from RF

  • TECO the Order in S/4


  • Check EWM PMR items. Order is marked as DBG locked for ERP goods movement because of above configuration and TECO status from S4


  • Perform Goods Issue reversal from RF. System put hard stop to perform any Goods issue reversal against TECO order.


SAP KBA-3305001 - PMR Consumption Reversal possible with status TECO explains the solution details.

However, if still some customers needs to perform Goods issue against TECO Order, please implement below note.

3321428 - Consumption is not possible against TECO status( Valid for all S/4 HANA version)


Thanks for reading, All testing have been performed in S/4 HANA 2022 Sandbox system
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