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ever wondered how to properly setup business partners to be used for the SAP TM collaboration portal? Here we go...

If you as a shipper or LSP want to collaborate with a carrier A through the SAP TM collaboration portal, you need to have two business partners created in your TM back-end system:

  1. BP with role "Carrier", say "Carrier A"
  2. BP with roles
    • "Contact Person", say "Contact Person X"
    • "Internet User"

Between "Carrier A" and "Contact Person X", you need to also specify BP relationship "Has Contact Person/Is Contact Person For".

Then you need to create a Dialog User in SU01 for "Contact Person X" - this is the user with which the contact person at carrier side will finally log on the SAP TM collaboration portal. This needs to have the appropriate roles and authorizations (see jan.rumig/blog/2015/08/14/how-to-define-authorizations). Once this is setup, this SU01 user has to be maintained on the "Internet User" tab in business partner maintenance for "Contact Person X".

If there are multiple contact persons working for carrier A, additional SU01 have to be created and additional contact persons created in BP maintenance accordingly.

So finally, whenever this carrier A is assigned to a business document in TM, e.g. to a freight order, and this document fulfills the respective requirements to be displayed in the SAP TM collaboration portal (e.g. showing proper status values, etc.) then all contact persons maintained for this carrier as described above can access this document once they have logged on to the SAP TM collaboration portal.

This also means that if "Contact Person X" is not only contact person for "Carrier A", but also for "Carrier B", this contact person would see all documents of "Carrier A" and "Carrier B" in the SAP TM collaboration portal.

Hope this helps :smile: