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Conditions in are used in many TM process steps, e.g. to control the determination of document types or organizational units. Since conditions control such central steps of the TM process, sometimes it is required to analyse a condition if a system does not behave as expected. If the system behaved as expected in the past it can be useful to check the changes history to see which entries in the condition have been added/deleted/changed in the meantime.

Unfortunately, the TM Condition UI does not provide a functionality to check the change history, but the change history can be displayed via BRF+ workbench. This blog post gives step by step instructions how to do this.


Change history via BRF+ workbench

  1. Go to transaction BRF+

    • BRF plus workbench opens in a new browser window

  2. Find the condition you want to check

    • Click on "Search"

BRF+ Workbench


    • Enter the name of the condition you want to check as “Application Name” and click on “Search”

    • The relevant BRF+ objects are displayed in the workbench

BRF+ objects in workbench


  1. Open the function object, which has the name of your condition, by double-click. Identify the function object by the blue triangle symbol and the description in the mouse over hint.

    • Symbol for function object:

  2. Open the change history for the function object by clicking “More” and then “Display Object History”

  3. In the popup select the period for which you would like to see the change history and click on “Show History”.


  1. A list with the changes in the selected period is displayed. The user who did the change is displayed in the list. Note: Usernames had to be anonymized in the screenshot.


I hope this article will help you when working with SAP Transportation Management. Good luck with your efforts and enjoy testing the functionality!


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