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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Starting from S/4HANA 2111CE, execution document Rail Freight Order is supported. In this blog post, I would be talking about how to create Rail Freight Order in S/4HANA CE.

Follow the below steps to create basic Rail Freight Order scenario in SAP S/4HANA CE.

First login as "internal_sales_rep" and create a sales order. Go to Header->Shipping tab and ensure the Shipping conditions and Shipping type is maintained as shown below:

Once the Sales Order is created navigate to document flow and get the Freight Unit (FU) number and note down the FU number.

Login as "Dispatcher" and go to “Manage Freight Orders” app.

Click on "Create Rail Freight Order" (FO).

The Rail FO window is displayed. In the General Tab enter the details such as Carrier, Purchase Org and Purchasing Group (Purchasing Group is mandatory otherwise posting will give an error).

Go to Items tab and click "Insert Rail Car". The rail car should be inserted.

Rail car gets inserted. Select the rail car and click "Insert  FUs Based on Freight Unit ID" button.

A pop-up box opens and enter the freight unit and click ok. Newly created freight unit gets added along with product information.

Click save Freight Order gets created. Click "Create Deliveries" to create Outbound Delivery.

Once the delivery is created, you can see the outbound delivery document number in the "Document Flow" of the Rail Freight Order.

Perform the activities such as  picking and then check-in and check-out of the truck.

Once the above step is performed the Rail Freight Order gets enabled for posting. Check the Posting Status in the Status tab and it should be “Ready for Confirmation”.

Login as "transportation_mgr" and go to “Monitor Accrual Postings” app and enter the Rail Freight Order number.  You should be able to see under the tab “For Confirmation”.

Select the FRO and get into the details of the Rail FRO. Go to the "Cost Distribution" tab you should be able to view the distributed costs at the outbound delivery level. As we have only one FU, we have only one Outbound Delivery associated with the same.

In the "For Confirmations" tab select the Freight Order and click “Confirm Posting” button.

Once the posting is successful, should be able to see the Freight Order under the tab “Posted”.

Go to the details of the Rail FRO, in the document flow tab you should be able to view the automatically created Service Entry Sheet (SES) which indicates that posting was successful.

Using this SES document, you will be able to get the Service Purchase Order (PO) information for further processing.


Now, you should be able to understand the basic use case of creating a Rail Freight Order and Posting the Freight Order in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud.