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Alongside with SAP Event Management 9.2 the first Fiori app 'Freight Order Visibility' has been released in 2014. This app leverages the EM OData service, which has been introduced with SAP EM 9.2. The app has been designed to be used for the freight order tracking scenario based on event handler type ODT40_TO. While the EM OData service already highly supports extensibility, the 'Freight Order Visibility' app is bound to the supported ODT40_TO scenario and with only very limited possibilities for enhancements. Therefore it has been not a simple task to create Fiori apps for custom tracking scenarios. In fact, such apps had to be developed from scratch - until now. This gap has now been closed with the release of the SAP Web IDE 1.13.

SAP Web IDE 1.13 includes a new plug-in for SAP Event Management 9.2. This leverages the EM OData service as well and allows you to generate a Fiori app by using the template 'Transactional App for SAP Event Management'. Please check out the details in the guide on 'How to Generate your own Transactional Fiori Apps'.

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