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Recently I get a lot of questions of how much effort it is to implement IBP

That's it, very often no more details. Or "just SOP".

David wrote a nice blog with lots of information of how to get started and how much effort it could take

I am consultant, and people usually hit me when my estimates turns out inaccurate, so it depends on requirements and if an RDS solution would be fitting

Therefore now I am writing this blog once, so next time I can reply with the link to these questions:

  • Which processes are you planning to use, what do you want to achieve? 
  • Which modules do you need, SOP? With or without Heuristic / Optimizer? Constrained or unconstrained? Control Tower? IO? Demand Management & Sensing? Response?
  • Which roles would you need? E.g. Demand Planner, global Manager, Supply Planner, Finance ... How many roles?
  • How many users will you have?
  • Do you need UoM conversion?
  • Do you plan to work with prices and with currencies? How?
  • Will you have key figures for which you would need to have a cross-period calculation? If yes, what for?
  • What kind of data do you need to import from other systems? How many and what type of systems? How many master data and key figure for the interface?
  • Which data do you need to export out of IBP, how many and to which systems? As flatfile or using web services to writer directly to database of the target system
  • Are you working pretty much in standard on ECC side or do you have a lot of modifications, especially in the data structure?
  • How many Alerts, Dashboards, Planning Views & Reports do you require?
  • How many key figures do you think you will need all together for the users?
  • Do you need simulations?
  • How many systems do you plan, one development and one production, more or is it only a demo standalone?
  • Will you need JAM?
  • Do you want a 300-PS-Porsche or a used Bicycle with no gearshift or just a pair of shoes to walk?

Have a nice day