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I recently had the opportunity to chat with Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-Founder & CEO of Latelyan SAP.iO NYC Foundry company that was one of nine chosen to participate in the 2018 inaugural cohort. Lately is responsible for artificially intelligent (AI)-powered marketing software that automatically turns blogs, videos, and podcasts into dozens of amazing social posts. Below, Kate describes how AI can help you engage way more successfully.


Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-Founder & CEO of Lately. 

Quality isn’t everything

Did you know that, on average, it takes 12 minutes to write a single social post from scratch? 12 minutes! Ever watch water boil? Writing a social post takes longer. But one post isn’t nearly enough. Quantity matters more than ever before. Remember that old marketing adage – how it takes seven times for an ad to sink in? These days, it’s 12 to 14; double the touchpoints – pretty sure you don’t have time for that!

That’s just the number of times they need to receive the message – which means you need to publish a LOT more in order to give those 12 to 14 touchpoints a fighting chance of cutting through the noise… and you definitely don’t have time for that!

You can’t remove the human (nor should you want to)

That old way, of sending the same message, over and over again… Spam City! Don’t even THINK about it. In order to truly connect emotionally with prospects, you must give them multiple ways of access – multiple messages with similar calls to action that play on different emotional touch points. This is essential to communicating value.

Why? Because emotional connection translates into trust and likability. People buy with their guts, every time. They understand value based on how it makes them feel. When they feel good, they give you their money. Which means you can’t remove emotion from the equation – you can’t remove the human.

Good news. That’s you! Bad news. You’re only human.

Writing: The tool to help you connect

When it comes to social engagement, writing is still king. Not videos, not podcasts – both of which rely on writing for promotion – but good old-fashioned writing. Which means you’ve got to get creative. You’ve got to (brace yourself)… write. And you’ve got to learn to do it well. Pretty sure you don’t have time for that, either.

Let’s do a quick run-through of the skills you need to be a successful salesperson – persistence, confidence, curiosity, active listening, relationship building, empathy, time management, coachability… blah blah blah. But writing? That’s something everybody can do, right? It’s one of those ”soft” skills people talk about. Companies spend more than US$3.1 billion each year on remedial writing training for employees. WHOA, right? Enter artificial intelligence (AI).

SAP Digital Sellers, meet A.I., your new best friend

No surprise, AI can help automate this process and make your life much easier. BUT, you don’t want to leave it up to artificial intelligence alone. Remember, when it comes to marketing and sales, emotion is a must. Humans have emotion. Not robots.

Which means you want the AI to get you three-quarters of the way there. The human is what gets you all the way home. And, that last stretch is the difference between messaging that makes folks “interested” to messaging that makes them covert AND evangelize. AI + humans working alongside each other… that’s the magic!

Exponential awesomeness, exponential results

On average, after the first five weeks of using Lately and our AI + human method, customers see an increased 70% engagement and anywhere from a 20%-200% increase in leads.
“I feel like I’m using a rocket launcher when all I need is a pistol. I love this so much, just stop my trial… I’ll start right now.” – Mike Buczynski, VP of Global Marketing, Premikati, SAP Global Partner

“Since using Lately, not only have we seen vast improvements in impressions and engagement, but all of the members of our company now have a better understanding of the impact of these digital marketing efforts.” – Chris Raftery, Director of Marketing, SCM Connections, SAP Global Partner

See for yourself how Lately’s Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies do and think about sales messaging on social. Learn more here.