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The mission

This post describes an enhancement for the Transportation Cockpit in Transportation Management. The target is to create an "ETA monitor". The idea is to have a quick overview on delays in your current transportation network.

See the "ETA monitor" in action here:

In this example three Freight Documents are delayed by more than 1 hour, one with minor delay less than 1 hour, and 58 are in time.


Note implementation

  1. Implement note 2671200 which is available from 9.4 onwards and comes with the required classes

  2. Text Elements Variables are declared inside the class /SCMTMS/CL_HIER_GROUP_TOR_DLY. If not, add the Text Symbols as shown in the manual correction instruction

Create a new Hierarchy Type for the Transportation Cockpit

Make sure that you have maintained the following customizing entries as also maintained in the manual correction instructions of the note. All the following tasks can be found under the path:

S/4 - TM: Transportation Management -> Planning -> General Settings

TM 9.4 onwards: SAP Transportation Management -> Transportation Management -> Planning -> General Settings

Define Hierarchical Views for Business Documents, create a new Entry similar to this example:

Add a new Hierarchy Level: Document Header

All other fields are not filled or should stay on default setting.

Other Hierarchy Levels can be added but there are not necessary.

Changing the default look:

The class /SCMTMS/CL_HIER_GROUP_TOR_DLY is a subclass of /SCMTMS/CL_HIER_GROUP. Inside of CL_HIER_GROUP_TOR_DLY the member table mt_delay_rules contains the information about the groups. There it is possible to add more groups or change the timespan for each group. The other member variable mv_only_show_filled_groups gives an option to show always every group, even if it’s empty (set to false) or only show groups what have at least one entry (true). These member variables can be changed inside the initialize method of the class /SCMTMS/CL_HIER_GROUP_TOR_DLY.