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On April 22nd we released the first content package for HANA Live for SAP Global Batch Traceability. It is available for download on SAP Service Marketplace.

HANA Live content for SAP Global Batch Traceability enables customers to do very flexible reporting on batch-where used information. Without any programming knowledge users can adopt available query views by adding columns, filtering data, defining the type of output (maps, bar charts, heat maps and more). This is possible by the use of SAP analytics tools like SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer or any other analytics tool that can connect to a SAP HANA database.

General Information on SAP HANA Live are available in the following blog post: SAP HANA Live & S/4HANA Embedded Analytics

The current delivery consists of several database procedures which allow to traverse the batch network held in SAP Global Batch Traceability. On top of these procedures query views can be built by the customer. As an example the "Batch Distribution List Query View" is delivered with the package and can be used right out of the box.

A summary of the delivered package is shown on the following slide:

HANA Live Content 1.0 for SAP GBT can be deployed in two different ways. If you have a HANA side car approach running already - just deploy the content in your landscape and start data replication from SAP GBT to your HANA side car. You can also install SAP GBT directly on a HANA database and deploy the content on top of this server:

Most value is delivered from this content if you combine it with data from other applications.

Imagine, for example, having the batch genealogy data as a starting point and combining it with information from a SAP Transportation Management System. Starting off with a raw material batch that should be recalled, you can now not only tell which deliveries and which customers are affected. In addition you can exactly show on which trucks, ships, containers the affected goods are at the moment. Just one example of many possible use cases!

Find additional information on HANA based analytics at

In case of questions you can also contact us directly!