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This blog post is intended to present a simple scenario of Backward and Forward Scheduling in action.

In this case, our Requested Delivery Date (RDD) is set to 24/06/2016. As shown in the above example, TDDAT was calculated to 21/06/2016 while doing the Backward scheduling. Since the date is in the past (date < RDD), Forward scheduling is triggered, resulting a new and final Delivery Date: 26/06/2016.

One important concept about this topic is Scheduling Schema: The given predefined set of date types and activities and their relationships are called Scheduling Schema. The supported Date Types are:

• ELDAT (Unloading Date) (only APO)

• LFDAT (Delivery Date)

• WADAT (Goods Issue Date)

• LDDAT (Loading Date)

• MBDAT (Material Availability Date)

• TDDAT (Transportation Planning Date)

I hope it gives you a better picture of the basics in Scheduling.


Eduardo Nunes