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We have many incoming incidents reporting consumption/reduction relevant issues in APO system (component SCM-APO-FCS-CSP). From these incidents, I feel that our users always have some confusion on this functionality. It seems that we're lack of documentation to address this area.

In a recent bootcamp in Demand Planning area, I was assigned as trainer of consumption topic, which gave me a good chance to go deeper into this area. I consider creating a wiki page on this topic, so that more people can benefit from it.

If anyone of you are interested in this topic, please go into the wiki page

There're below topics included:

  • Basic Concepts of Consumption
    Explain basic concepts about forecast consumption.
  • Customizing Settings
    List necessary customizing settings and relevancy.
  • Technical Points of Forecast Consumption
    Check this part if you want to know how to debug and trouble shooting.
  • Forecast Reduction
    Concepts and technical points about forecast reduction.
  • Special Consumption Scenarios
    Basic concepts about some special consumption scenario, like bucket-based consumption, planning product, consumption on components and consumption based on characteristics.
  • Consumption using qRFC and Background Consumption
    Consumption can also happen in qRFC mode and background mode, to improve performance.

The page is not finished yet, but it won't take too long.
You're welcome to put any suggestion / request / question here or in the wiki page. I'll try to provide more information as possible as I can.

Thank you.

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