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Digitization remains a prevailing topic in discussions of supply chain leaders. Recent reports made by leading consulting companies (GT Nexus together with Capgemini, PwC, BCG) have affirmed that digital transformation of supply chain is important and perceived by organizations as a door opener to new opportunities and business models.

While organizations started the race to their digital future, the same reports have revealed current opinions on the early race phases results. As GT Nexus research shows, only 5% of respondents are “very satisfied” with the progress of digital transformation in supply chain. Saying short, the progress has been slow so far.

To complete this race with success, the organizations have to clear out certain bumps on the road:

  • A multiplicity of systems and IT landscape complexity across subsidiaries with misaligned reporting and data;

  • Few, if any, standard processes;

  • Inconsistencies and redundant custom code in existing applications;

  • Lack of process visibility;

  • Little or no meaningful performance metrics;

  • As the sources and quantity of data grows, business become more inefficient, less agile and increasingly difficult to manage.

SAP has all assets to accelerate digital transformation of supply chain for their customers to bring them to the finish line as winners. One of these assets is SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution.

SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution provides an end-to-end standardization, integration and automation of organization’s core supply chain processes and unleashes a full potential to merge the supply chain with the latest digital innovations.

What is it?

SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution is a best practice, ready-to-use, end-to-end reference solution. It includes the latest releases of SAP’s Supply Chain Execution Applications: SAP Transportation Management, SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Event Management, integration with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. It embeds the ultimate set of pre-configured supply chain execution business scenarios.

What is inside?

Fully activated SAP Supply Chain Execution landscape with the set of pre-configured business processes, complete configuration and description documentation. It covers best practice processes for shippers, freight forwarders including multimodal transportation scenarios with road, sea and rail stages.

What benefits do you get?

  • Being fast – SAP offers services to deliver SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution for you. With these quick-start services, you can get exhaustive hands-on experience on the Model Company and/or deployed content to the environment (cloud options or on premise) to your best convenience, which can be used as a foundation to accelerate your supply chain digital transformation project.

  • Being focused – you receive extensive business content covering logistics best practice scenarios, fully described standard configuration and business processes. Having SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution, you avoid redundant custom code in standardized processes and stay focused on innovation where there is a need for it.

  • Being up-to-date – you leverage the latest SAP Supply Chain Execution technologies and expertise.

Digital supply chain adoption is already here. It is critical now that organizations begin to articulate their roadmap of supply chain digital transformation. Then, why waste time and effort on commodity technologies and long implementation projects? With SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution, you can minimize time and effort on automating standardized processes with the best expertise and technologies of SAP, stay focused on disruptive technologies, new business models, opportunities… and the digital future.


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