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For SAP S/4HANA 1809 system with embedded EWM, this blog lists provides an overview of configurations, key functionalities and limitations of EWM & QM integration

For SAP S/4HANA 1909 please check following post.

Use Cases

Following QM inspection types are supported with S/4HANA EWM

1701                EWM: Goods Receipt Insp. for Pur. Order

1704                EWM: Goods Receipt Insp. from production

1708                EWM: Stock transfer inspection

1709                EWM: Recurring inspection of batches

Basic Configuration & Master Data

Beside basic QM configuration, EWM inspection object should be activated. QM inspection document creation rule can be based on material master data or EWM inspection rule.

In case material master is set as origin of inspection lot, still there is a requirement to create a generic inspection rule (usually based on document type) in /SCWM/QRSETUP to trigger inspection lot creation.


Material master data for quality inspection : MM02

During inspection lot creation EWM also decides stock type based on /scwm/qrsetup “Indep. ST Arg” configuration. Even if purchase order and inbound delivery are created with unrestricted use stock type EWM would update stock type to quality based on inspection rule.

There are inspection follow-up actions available provided by SAP

New inspection follow-up actions can be created by copying standard ones

EWM follow-up actions (posting change, put-away warehouse task) are assigned to QM follow up actions.

Special Cases & Limitations

Inspection lots with “SKIP” status: When an inspection lot is created with “SKIP” status EWM would not update stock type but only delete inspection lot reference on stock. Therefore, if inbound delivery is created with quality stock type it would not be updated in EWM.  In this case it would be better to allow EWM to decide final stock type based on inspection rule (/SCWM/QRSETUP).

Differentiating Purchaser Orders and Stock Transfer Orders for Inspection Lot Creation:  Inspection lot setup can be differentiated for each inbound delivery type, in case delivery types cannot be for different inbound scenarios (like STO and PO case).  Business partner field in inspection rule (SCWM/QRSETUP) can be used to differentiate different business cases (STO &PO) . For STO documents usually each sender plat/storage location would be defined as one business partner, a specific inspection rule can be set in (/SCWM/QRSETUP for partner that represent plant).

Moving Inspection stock from EWM managed storage location to IM-MM managed storage location: Inspection lot related stock in EWM warehouse cannot be transferred to IM-MM managed (non-EWM) managed storage locations in 1809 S/4HANA or previous releases.

Customer returns with quality inspection: Inspection of customer returns are only supported with Advance Return Management (ARM).  When ARM is used with quality inspection document, QA32 EWM inspection or /SCWM/QINSP_S4 cannot be used for result entry. Partial inspection result entry based on handling unit is only possible with material inspection in warehouse tcode : MSR_INSPWH.  Posting changes are replicated to EWM via delivery document. Please refer to OSS note 2668150 - SAP S/4HANA 1809: Release information and restrictions for EWM in SAP S/4HANA. Help Document : Integration with Warehouse Management

Partial result entry per HU: Quality inspection result entry from EWM is possible with quality inspection work center. Quality specific packaging work center in EWM can be used to repack handling units and enter partial inspection result for handling units:   transection code /SCWM/QINSP_S4 - Quality Workload Overview. Partial decision functionality is available with S/4HANA 1709 SP01.

After QM inspection lot result entry follow-up actions can be triggered to create put away warehouse task.

Internal inspection lot creation from EWM: an inspection lot can be created for an available stock directly in EWM, for this purpose IOT5 should be activated and inspection type 1708 should be used. An inspection rule should be created in /scwm/qrsetup an generic inspection rule with owner can be used. Also, an exception code should be defined to record the requirement with following business contexts. Inspection lot creation using RF devices is also supported.

Creating internal inspection lot from EWM warehouse monitor

With 1809 release, EWM & QM integration is simplified, bugs are fixed. Future improvements are expected in EWM & QM integration with new releases.

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