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When facing an issue with your Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solution, have you ever tried to make use of the Support Assistant popup when creating an incident? Unfortunately, it might not have helped you to find a solution.

From now on this will change: We have reviewed the content of Support Assistant for EWM and enriched it with many new knowledge and a more user friendly structure.

Support Assistant for EWM is now offering much more answers and guided help in many areas, especially for issues in Warehouse Order Processing and Document Flow.

With this Next-Generation Support approach from SAP you can profit on improved customer support, anytime, anywhere, leveraging the latest technology and tools to speed up time to answers and provide a delightful experience.

Customers benefit with this new guided incident creation method in multiple ways:

  • Easily assign the correct solution area, leading to the correct assignment of SAP experts to assist. The incident reaches the right expert much faster.

  • Learn about possible trouble shooting steps & tools to analyze for example handling of corrections for inconsistencies on your own.

  • Solve a situation even before creating the incident with the support of targeted, relevant knowledge documents.

  • Capture all relevant information in very structured way for SAP to process your issue faster.

Give this great tool a try when creating your next support incident. You may already find an answer for your issue before sending it to SAP.

To access the Support Assistant, simply visit the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and start the incident creation process. Select the product for which you want to report an incident and the support assistant window pops up on the right hand side of the screen.

For more general information about Support Assistant, see Improved Incident Creation: Try the New Support Assistant.