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Energy Transition Better Faster

A world full of opportunities

Have you ever imagined the energy system of tomorrow – say 2040? Certainly, it’s difficult to paint a picture of the vision but one thing is certain the journey to build tomorrow’s energy system is a world full of opportunities. Why? Because we’re re-building infrastructure which need plenty of new assets and innovations. To achieve the political goals of a net zero energy system, we need to massively increase the number of decentral energy resources.

Examples? By 2030, we want to decarbonize around 600 million heating and cooling systems and build 40 million charging stations for e-mobility. These are just two examples. You can hardly imagine how many other assets and technologies are needed to change the system - it's massive.

Distributed energy assets globally needed by 2030

Leading by example – SAP has teamed up

At SAP we are fully committed to help our customers to manage the sustainable energy transition successfully. For over 50 years, we've proven that we can scale customers business with digital solutions. And we'll continue to do so. Today, it's all about short time-to-market, scalability, and reliability across the whole supply chain. Whoever can deliver the right products and solutions on time and at large scale wins. We want to help our customers to leverage as much value as possible out of the SAP investments.

Therefore, we have assembled a team of experts. Each team member has chosen an area of the sustainable energy transition to re-think. Topics range from the service station of the future to building a circular economy process for battery or photovoltaic systems, to name a few. The more we delve into the topics the clearer it becomes: the opportunities are huge and we can leverage them fast if we co-create. We invite you to join our network and make change happen.

New lead markets on the rise

The change is happening right now - at a fast pace. Examples: Heidelberger Druck has transformed its business and is successfully producing wallboxes. VW is building up battery production and generally shows great potential to become a full-service provider for mobility AND energy.  Shell and BP are driving the green hydrogen value chain from production to distribution. We find examples in all industries - the transformation is underway industry value chains are changing.

With the rise of renewables, the energy market design is changing, and new lead markets are emerging. New business models to create circularity and net-zero supply will further drive the shift from fossil to renewable energy markets. This movement the likes of which we have probably never seen before. The simultaneous transformation in energy, mobility and digitalization is driving a wave of innovation across industries.

Join us to co-create

We have analyzed our portfolio of 25 industries and identified many industries that need to transform their business to benefit from the energy transition. With over 25 years of experience in the sustainable energy transition, we know the issues and how to address them to get better. We believe that by working together across business and industry boundaries, we can move faster.

Energy Transition Better Faster is our ambition. Let's make a difference together - we're open to co-create the future of energy - both with customers and partners.

More to come…
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