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One underlying theme in the news I am reading seems to be that the current crisis drives digitalization in companies. As described for example here, becoming more digital is one of the core helpers to get through this - and prepare for the next - crisis. In earlier posts I describe the challenges we face in this time of change (see here and here for impacts on the supply chain) .

How do I change?

Our customers are aware of the need for digitalization and take steps respectively. However, when driving change in corporate software quick benefits do not outweigh long term prosperity.

For example you could save money short term by deploying a cloud solution for outsourcing transportation planning and subcontracting and building the APIs to connect to it. This allows quick relief in that the immediate cost for transportation goes down. This however leads to a new set of challenges, where down the line, payments for carriers are now done manually, with limited transparency, the additional interfaces need to be monitored and maintained and the warehouse looses visibility on incoming trucks.

The bottom line of this example is that all digitalization efforts within your company need to follow a coherent vision. With this, each change needs to follow this underlying purpose and thus strengthen the overall mid- and long term agenda.

Decision makers hence are asked to provide said vision. In the area of supply-chain management we help our customers with our own experience to develop their individual SCM strategy. We use a discovery approach, based on visual means - a poster.


We will look at the following areas together:

WHY do we want to change? A section to identify the as-is situation.

  • Trends that affect our company

  • The agenda and goals, that we can already name

  • The problems and sad reality, which keep us from changing

HOW is change being facilitated in the market? A section to inspire a thought process around existing best practices.

  • Digital trends and solutions for the identified areas

  • How do others implement change and what is being done

  • Which processes are addressing identified problems

WHAT is the future vision? A section to develop a complete vision for the future digital supply-chain of the company.

  • Identify the core processes

  • Identify the priorities for change

  • Identify how and what to change

Currently we are choosing a digital approach, using MURAL to add information and individualize the poster and add post-its whenever we identify relevant topics. The whole approach is centred around processes, not software solutions. The end result will be a documented and usable vision for digitalization.

As a next step, we are building on this vision and determine software solutions that will will support it. Finally we create a roadmap for change to make your vision reality. To start the journey, we will need half a day for a first workshop and a small group of SCM experts and decision makers out of the participating company.

Don't hesitate to contact me to start creating your SCM vision now.