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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear friends of SAP TM,

In this blog post, we will talk about the transaction for maintaining the resource master (/SCMTMS/RES01) and the different ways how resources can be created with copy functionalities in SAP S/4HANA.

Let's start with this copy button at the start screen:

After pressing, this leads you to the following detail screen:

Here, you enter name, description and may be the location of the new resource and you have different options, from where the data of the new resource should be copied:

  • Copy a vehicle resource which you can choose by means of transport

  • Copy a handling resource which you can choose by template type

  • Or enter a particular resource which should be copied

After pressing button 'Copy Resource', the new resource is then created by taking over some of the  the data of the resource to be copied.

So, this is pretty easy when you exactly know your resources and you 'just' want to create a similar one. But imagine, you need to check the data of your template resources first or you need to adjust the data of the new resource. Therefore, there's another copy button on the screen for the resources detailed data, offering the options to copy either a single resource or to create a bunch of them:

As you see in this screenshot, you can copy one individual resource which is pretty much the same than what you have seen before on the start screen of the transaction. After pressing the copy button in the lower right corner of the popup, you see the template resource along with the new one:

Now, you could adjust the new one with its individual data, e.g. by adding the license plate, in case it's a truck, and save it.

But, there's also the option to make multiple copies:

Imagine, you have created one truck of a certain type but your fleet has several other trucks of the same kind. Rather than pressing the copy button several times, you can create them all at once. Thereby, they all will have similar names, distinguished by a counter.

So, you can provide the following information:

  • Starting number of the counter

  • How many copies you need

  • 'Basic name' of the resources to which the counter will be added as suffix.

And again, after pressing the copy button in the lower´right part of the popup, the resources are created:

And guess what...again you can adjust the individual data of the copied resources.

That was it about copying resources. There's one button left which copies data from the customizing of equipment groups and types to the currently edited resource:

But this one has already been explained in this blog post.

Hope this helps you setting up your resources efficiently! Appreciate any comments!

Best regards,

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