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The following overview describes communication channels SAP Field Service Management (FSM) teams use to provide information towards customers.

Where to find product information?

Product documentation can be found under


How to get informed about FSM Cloud availability and major changes?

SAP is monitoring FSM Cloud and it's components 24/7. Whenever an alert or monitoring procedure is triggered, development and operations teams would immediately meet in a situation room and do the necessary steps to mitigate the situation. To keep customers the informed that SAP is aware and working on the unexpected behaviour, notifications are sent towards customers. This applies as well as soon the situation is resolved. SAP would also share the Root Cause Analysis including Preventive Actions at a later point.

Development teams would not only share unexpected behaviours such us Degradations, Unplanned Downtimes and Outages but also Major Changes within the User Interfaces or the Business Logic.

It's crucial that customers S-Users subscribe themselves for Get Notified on Cloud Service Availability to receive the communication. Communication is sent via email to the registered S-Users.

The calculated availability per FSM Tenant can be seen in Cloud Availability Center.


Ask a question

To receive answers from experienced Application Owners and Users it is recommended to ask questions in the FSM Community.

For questions where customer specific and deep knowledge of business processes is required it is suggested to appoint an experienced Partner or Consultant. Also, Expert Services can be booked via SAP Store for programs such as Quick-start service for FSM or Quality Assurance for FSM.


Enhance the product

SAP Field Service Management development teams are interested to drive innovation in favor of as many customers as possible. Ideas to enhance or improve the product are to be recorded via Customer Influence. The ideas are exposed to other customers for voting and collaboration through comments. Updates from development teams are sent via email to users who voted or subscribed to an idea.


Report a product defect

Identified product defects should be reported via SAP for Me. It is strongly recommended to search the Knowledge Base for getting faster answers in case the detected behavior is already known to SAP. The component to be used is CEC-SRV-FSM*.

Alternatively also Schedule an Expert and Expert Chat are offered.

For escalating, changing priorities and speeding up of incidents SAP Customer Interaction Center CIC has to be contacted.

Whether you want to discover options that could help you find solutions quickly or learn how to avail of technical assistance from our experts, the Product Support Accreditation will show you how you can work with Product Support to get the best from your support. 

*including sub-components


What's coming next?

Upcoming releases of new features and enhancements are shared in SAP Road Map Explorer. Release Dates as well as links to Release Demo Webinars and Roadmap Update Webinars are available under Release Strategy and Preview Program.

Selected functionalities might be available upfront official release in the FSM Preview Program. Release Strategy and Preview Program describes how to enable the Preview Program.

Latest additions to the Preview program can be found under What's new in the Preview Program.

Where to find release information?

What's New provides the latest release information. Detailed release notes divided by component can be found under Release Notes.

FSM Windows, iOS and Android Apps follow partly a different release schedule. Additional information is published under Mobile Release Notes.


How to get a training?

FSM Learning path, guidance to classroom and individual training as well as guidance to the FSM certification is available under Learning Journey: SAP Field Service Management. Also the SAP Field Service Management Onboarding Resource Center provides valuable resources.


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