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with the standard caching behavior, the refresh button on the different work lists on the UI triggers an asynchronous update of the back-end cache with data for all quick filters, while the data for the current quick filter is directly fetched from DB for better performance. In the freight tendering context, this can lead to performance issues on the TM server. However, this will only happen, if tendering is set up in a way that all RFQs are published around the same time every day and many, many carrier users are logged on to their collaboration portal, have their work list with open freight RFQs open and are constantly refreshing their work list in order to quickly see new RFQs and be the first to accept them. In this special scenario, this will lead to a high number of asynchronous tasks being triggered on the TM server, which can have negative impact on system performance.

If this is the case, it can make sense to bypass this caching behavior. In order not to influence the overall caching behavior, which is better for performance in other use cases, you can bypass the caching for the context of the refresh of a work list with open freight RFQs only. Therefore, you need to implement a small new controller enhancement function, as described in the new chapter in the Enhancement Guide for SAP TM collaboration portal. Check it out!