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Data driven organizations pride themselves on making decisions that are rooted in undisputable facts and figures. They strive to measure and quantify the impact of everything they do on customer satisfaction, churn rates, revenues and margins. While these internal looking metrics provide a strong benchmark of the incremental progress of an organization they fail to measure how that organization is doing relative to others in the market leaving it vulnerable to its competitors.

It is no surprise then that Beiersdorf, a leading global provider of skin care consumer products, takes its market share analysis and reporting very seriously. They constantly strive to gain deeper and faster insights into their market share development so they can stay ahead of their competitors. Speaking at the DSAG annual conference in Nuremberg Germany in September, Mr., Andrew Chapman responsible for Business Intelligence Solutions at Beiersdorf explained the objectives, challenges and benefits of using HANA and SAP’s Demand Signal Management application to gain deeper insights into their market share evolution and present the insights in a compelling story that marketers would love to read.

You can watch a recording of their presentation here or you can read a short summary of their use case here .