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Hi all ,

Does your customer require for no-keyboard entering or no mouse cursor actions using Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) ?

In warehouse operations workers could prefer only to "scan" barcodes , and I am pretty sure they don't have mouse to click with them inside warehouse.

Today I will introduce  "Access codes"  to use in Fiori Pack Outbound Deliveries app in Extended Warehouse Management.

Hope this helps you to meet customer requirement.

By the way probably you already know  Pack Outbound Deliveries app which can improve customer satisfaction in the following ways:
• Improves packing efficiency
• Reduces human errors
• Reduces the cost of warehouse operations

The User interface is good!!  If you haven't used it check here for detail.

Very important Fiori Pack Outbound Deliveries related SAP note for here for detail.

When you finish reading this blog post : 

You will be able to scan Access codes without touching or clicking the buttons that are necessary in Pack Outbound Deliveries app like below picture.

In below picture  in the first place User has to touch or click "Pack All button"

but after Access code configuration user can just scan "PACK_ALL" in the Product/Access Code field and it will trigger the same action as touch or clicking "Pack all button"


Solution overview : 

Pack Outbound Deliveries app supports to scan Access codes to achieve direct interaction with the system and to quickly execute certain actions without a need of a keyboard or a mouse.

4 Access codes are provided to support ①~④ buttons used to process packing.

①Create Shipping Handling unit (HU)

②Close Shipping Handling unit (HU)*

③Pack single Handling unit (HU) items  into Handling unit (HU)

④Pack all the items in Handling unit (HU) into Shipping Handling unit (HU)

Below I share  ①~④ buttons showing in Pack Outbound Delivery apps and the Access codes to be used.

 No Internal Access codes
Which you scan in product/Access Code field
CREATE_HU Create Shipping Handling Unit(HU)
CLOSE_HU Close shipping Handling Unit(HU)
PACK_ITEM Pack single Handling Unit (HU) items
PACK_ALL Pack all Handling Unit(HU) items


Configuration : 

To use the function of Access codes, you need to do the following configurations:

1. Define external Access codes for this application in Customizing for SCM Extended
Warehouse Management Extended Warehouse Management Cross-Process Settings
Access Codes Define External Access Codes .

2. You choose an application for a warehouse from the Create External Access Codes folder

Enter your Warehouse and enter PKOD.







3. You choose Define External Access Codes folder and choose New Entries.

Enter the 4 External Access Codes that are predefined.

*Step P1 and P2 is for P1 is Handling unit in packing = which packs all item in handling unit , P2 is item of Handling unit packing = which packs item level in handling unit. P1 and P2 is predefined.


Conclusion : 

Thanks for reading.

When using Fiori Pack Outbound Deliveries app, you could use Access codes to avoid using mouse or touching the buttons.

I am looking forward to your comments.

Also questions can be asked here.

Hoping your customer gets happy with your support and improve Supply Chain operators life better.

Thank you!!