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In this blog will explain a way How To Rebuild Automatically FU Planning if a Freight Document is cancelled.

Let’s say you Cancel you Freight Document which was Automatically Planning explain in the last Blog.( Automatic Freight Unit Planning | SAP Blogs)

Now you need to replan it also automatically, follow these steps:

Create a New strategy for the TOR_CHACO:


Assign Methods to a Strategy ( you can try to use REBUILDFUH -Rebuilds all freight units or REBUILD_FU-  Rebuilds unplanned, unfixed FUs )

Created an BRF+ for the /SCMTMS/CC_TOR_STRAT ( Make sure you condition use some parameters which is change on the Demand document (SO/PO/ OD /IBD) like Shipping Condition is change to call the Rebuild Planning).


Assign the BRF+ in the FU Doc Type.


In order to Cancel the FO and remove the FU from the Planning use the Strategy (TOR_REM_PL)

Created a Condition in /SCMTMS/CC_TOR_STRAT define a BRF+


Assigned the Condition in the FO document type.

With these steps if you Cancel you Freight Order will be recall the Freight Unit creation delete that and create a new for retrigger the Automatically Planning mentioned in the previous Blog.

Thanks all.

Rogerio Lima.