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In this blog I will explain a standard way to make automatic planning for a Freight Unit using the Process Controller Framework (PCF). Refer to this blog for PCF Monday Knowledge Snippet (MKS) – 03 Control your process using the process controller | SAP Blogs

For the automatic planning Freight Unit, we will use the standard method available in the PCF.

Customizing step by step needed for the planning is 1 FU into 1 FO, using this functionality the relationship is 1:1.

Transportation Management --> Basic Functions--> Process Controller--> Define Strategy

You need to create a new strategy FUBR:



Now assigned the Strategy with the follow method and sequence:

Transportation Management à Basic Functions--> Process Controller-->Assign Methods to a Strategy

Create a new Freight Unit Build Rule and assigned the Process Controller Strategy:

For the FU Document Type determination, you can use a BRF+ condition or either assign a FU Document type:

Create new Planning profile and Manual Planning after that assigned it to the Planning profile , once the Planning profile is created assigned it to your Freight Unit Document type you defined in the FUBR.

To determine the FO/FB/TU Document type for the FU automatic planning you need to create a BRF+ for the condition /SCMTMS/TOR_TYPE.

For this BRF+ Condition considers the Oss Note 2563666 - How to Determine FO Type for FU Types through Condition to use DAD profile /SCMTMS/CAPA_TO_FU.

Assign this condition in the previous Planning Profile created:


With this step you should be able to do the Automatic planning for the Freight Unit.

In the next blog will explain how you can rebuild the automatic planning in case you Cancel your Freight Order /Freight Booking document.

Thanks all 😊

Rogerio Lima.