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SAP co-innovates with customer Bechtle using a Design Thinking approach to create a show case for a mobile application in the area of augmented reality (AR).

In a joint effort, with partners Buena la Vista and Vuzix, SAP proved its ability to be a frontrunner in new technologies: AR glasses (like Vuzix M100 or Google Glass) offer hands-free communication to help speed up business processes.


Our team of highly motivated colleagues from different areas of expertise across SAP concentrated on a logistics use case. The warehouse picking process (see video) uses device features like bar code scanning, voice control, reading information aloud, and displaying relevant information in the field of view. With this exciting new technology the warehouse worker can be guided to the right storage area to pick a product, highlight the relevant bin and scan the bar codes of bins, handling units and products.


Although the technology is not yet mature and still perhaps expensive for broad adoption, we already see a high interest. Especially for warehouse workers, for example for picking processes, we see a new era ahead with this technology that will increase the speed and accuracy of goods selection.

We’re presently working on prototypes to explore the potential and use cases with customers. AR supporting warehouse processes is on the roadmap to deliver standard products for Extended Warehouse Management in the future.

AR is versatile. Besides consumer applications, we can envision AR supporting different other applications for business users such as service technicians, engineers and manufacturers.

Stay tuned! At TechEd we are planning to demo a prototype running on various glasses with a connection to an SAP EWM backend system.