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Or how can I enhance my Fiori Application?


After the blog The ultimate Step by Step Guide for Wizardry generated a full Fiori Application based on ODT40, I'll now show you how to enhance your Report Expected Event Dialog to report EventReasonText as well in less than 5 Minutes!


This guide does not help with making cookies. :sad:


  • Working Web IDE
  • Working Fiori Event Managment Application

Step one - Identify your enhancing point

In your Fiori Application under the "fragments" Folder you will find the "ReportDialog.fragment.xml". This fragment describes the dialog that will popup once you press the Pencilbutton inside the Eventmessagetable.

Step two - Commencing Enhancing

Its a pretty straight forward way to include a label and an input into the dialog. The Syntax is xml so its even readable:

The text for the label is already in place in the OdataService. Every Property in the EventMessageOverview Collection can be used directly without defining your own labeltext!

The Input just needs the changemethod and the Customdata and your almost ready to go!

Step two - Fixing the logic

We need to provide only a small fix for the logic in order to make it work. Navigate to your Details.controller:

And comment the following line, just like in my example picture:

Step three - Let the magic happen

Voila. Or Voilá? That french word for "tadaa"! We have a Fiori Application that can report reason for expected events:

There you go! An enhancement in less than 5 Minutes!

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