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Gaining real time End 2 End Supply Chain visibility

Today, supply chain managers are facing big challenges with complex supply chains in a global environment.

Market volatility, demand fluctuation, long lead times, need for fast responsiveness, high service levels are just some of today critical factors.

Speed is the key. Not only organizations need to have a real time network visibility, but also they need to identify problems in advance and understand the reasons behind those issues.

More and more organizations are looking at the Supply Chain Control Tower as the way to achieve this.

The Supply Chain Control Tower is a single central HUB for visibility, decision-making and action, based on real-time data powered by new in memory and cloud technologies.

The Supply Chain Control Tower is not another Business Intelligence tool. It enables companies to identify potential issues in advance, understand their causes and find the best resolution. This is supported by a system of alerts, simulations and recommendations.

SAP Supply Chain Control Tower connects data from different systems (in house or external, execution or planning systems; including SAP Integrated Business Planning, SAP Event Management and SAP Transportation Management). For short-term issue handling, it allows organizations to obtain instant insights into demand, inventory and supply across the entire supply chain. It provides predefined real time KPI and dashboards, to have real time supply chain visibility.

Since the SAP Supply Chain Control Tower is built on the same platform as SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP), it can leverage SAP IBP capabilities such as planning and simulation. Comparing different options with what-if analysis and scenario planning, enables better decision making and effective actions (i.e. simulate year end inventory projection by making demand or supply adjustments; make on the fly simulations for inventory value if price changes).

SAP Supply Chain Control Tower also takes advantage of IBP usability capabilities such as its Excel plug-in interface for scenario planning. It provides an event resolution mechanism, “Case and Task Management,” in which supply chain users can collaborate on a problem to agree on the path to undertake, start the resolution and monitor the results. It thus enables fast problem resolution, by quickly identifying issues with prioritized alerts.

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