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Hello Everyone, Greetings!

In this blog, I would like to talk about, what`s all about SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration and what`s new in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration and product road map as well.

What is SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration?

As of 2211 release, SAP has changed the naming convention of Asset Intelligence Network to SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration.

Hope, now, we all understand the core objectives of it and let us get to know what it brings to the table with new avatar.


SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration is an Internet Of Things (IoT) application seamlessly integrated with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).The aim of SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration is to maintain global registry of equipment that uses common definitions and then sharing these common definitions between multiple business partners  such as Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs), or Operators, or Service Providers to enhance operational excellence.

Mini Note:

  1. Objects: Any item that we create in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration can be referred to as an object.

  2. Business Objects: We can refer all the objects involved in a business scenario as business objects


SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration is integrated with SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution and this seamless integration allows us to:

  1. Link SAP EAM objects to AIN Models

  2. Display SAP AIN model information in SAP EAM side panel

  3. Create and synchronize SAP AIN equipment with SAP EAM objects

  4. Create and synchronize documents between SAP AIN and SAP EAM

  5. Process SAP AIN announcements in SAP EAM

Data Federation:

Data Federation in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration replicates data to other data centers for which we have provided consent. Using data federation, SAP business Network Asset Collaboration allows us to connect and collaborate with business partners on the other data centers, in addition to the source data center. Source data center is the data center on which we are on boarded.

Mini Note: Currently, data federation consent in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration is an irrevocable action. In addition to business partner details, the following objects are also replicated in data federation:

  1. Models

  2. Templates

  3. Documents

  4. Business Partners

What`s new in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration?

  • New Application tile available for "Functional Location search": We can even use "New" button to create new functional locations and "Publish" button to publish functional locations.

  • Work Order Confirmations: We now have an option to complete or reject all or selected confirmations of a work order and its operations using "Complete/Reject All" button on manage workorders page

  • Work Order Operations: We now have an option to accept or reject all or selected operations of a work order on manage workorders page.

  • Notification: Creating a notification for an Equipment or Functional Location opens the object page with equipment and document sections. Saving the notification also saves the document associated with that notification.

  • New External events are available for the status changes in equipment requests, model requests and improvement requests.   

Mini Note:

    • External events from SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration enables the customers to receive notifications for supported objects types that they have access to when they undergo any changes/updates. By default, the external events are disabled and have to be enabled separately for each tenant

  • Company Profile: We can now add domains to our company profile.

Mini Note: The domain value that we add must fulfil certain prerequisites,

    • You must be the owner of the domain. SAP reserves the right to remove the domain value from company profile if you do not own it.

    • The domain must be unique and duplicate domain values are not allowed across the network i.e., among different company profiles and subsidiaries.

    • The domain must adhere to proper format i.e., (example:

    • The domain that we add to create automatic user creation in "Application settings" is different from this domain

  • We can now perform "Tenant Data Deletion" in production landscape by raising a support incident using the component SBN-AIN-APL-RFR.

Mini Note: 

    • User with admin role "AC-CUSTOMER_ADMIN" can delete.

    • Unshared objects as per the selection will be deleted from the selected tenants.

    • Shared objects are not deleted.

    • Tenant data deletion of equipment will not delete equipment data that is synched to IoT services.

    • One must raise an incident using component SBN-AIN-APL-RFR and then SAP will enable data deletion from the production tenant. Once we have completed the deletion activity, we must inform SAP so that the ability to delete production data will be blocked until further request.


Product Road Map Details:

SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration road map items


This is all about new avatar and current release of AIN...I hope this blog provides useful information about new avatar of Asset Intelligence Network(AIN).


Yours Sincerely,

Pardhasaradhi Reddy.C
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