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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


  • Figure out if Wave management can be deployed for Manufacturing orders.

  • Merge the wave items based on Production Supply area so as to reduce travel time for picking

  • Which Production Integration can be used, Delivery based  or Advanced Production Integration

  • How PSA and Warehouse enterprise structure will look like, One storage location( AFS), 2 Storage location, Whse EWM( AFS) and PSA (PSWM) EWM managed, Whse EWM managed and PSA IM managed or PSA part of separate Whse and then AFS whse.



A wave is the logical grouping of several warehouse requests which fulfill common criteria. Usually, these requests should be fulfilled in the same time frame; example: all outbound delivery orders that are scheduled on the same day for the route or for a carrier. Waves can be deployed for 3 different types of document category.

  • Outbound Delivery Order-PDO

  • Posting Change Delivery-SPC

  • Internal Stock Transfer-WMR

The warehouse requests are potentially destined for different recipients in our case this will be PSA, the warehouse tasks created from a wave can be bundled into warehouse orders to achieve synergies. Certain products which are requested for several PSAa, when the requests are dropped for the same PSA, they bundled into the same warehouse order, travel time can be saved if several picks of the same product from the same bin are bundled in the same warehouse order as well

Waves are usually created using wave templates which contain preset configuration for waves which occur regularly in a warehouse e.g. for a daily shipment in the afternoon. Warehouse request items can be assigned automatically or manually to waves, which can then be released automatically or manually to create warehouse tasks.



Wave management can only be used when its is Delivery based integration. Creation of manufacturing orders will create deliveries in S/4 and corresponding Posting change delivery or ODO based on Warehouse, PSA storage location integration.

In this example, Warehouse and PSA is part of AFS, hence one storage location will create Posting change SPC delivery.

3 Manufacturing orders have different PSA in BOM components, hence when Orders are pushed into certain slot and meant for specific PSA, system should have capability to assign WT items to waves and latter split waves on criteria, in this case PSA.

Create 3 different manufacturing orders, perform WM staging and deliveries will be created if Delivery based production integration configuration is properly set up, system will create SPC deliveries. Order 2000026, 27 & 28


3 orders having different BOM components, with 2 different PSA, system created different posting change deliveries, total 12 line items.

Note- Surprised to check, there is no ''WAVE'' button for posting change node. This exits for ODO not for SPC. Customer who plans to implement 2 Storage location F2, P2 will get benefits of Wave button in ODO section else for SPC, they have to navigate extra.


System bunched 6 items into 1 Wave and 6 into another waves based on condition record. Hence, what was conceptualized is achieved.



Perform the wave release simulation to check Pick WTs


2 Waves, 12 WTS, 2 WOs


This is achieved via additional condition record being created with additional catalog fields as below


Now release the waves.


Now, see the below results which was expected.

3 Orders with same PSA items are clubbed into 1 Wave. PSA02 in 1 and PSA03 into 1


Delivery based Production Integration with Waves works for all 4 models.

  1. Warehouse and PSA part of AFS-1 Sloc

  2. Warehouse and PSA part of 2 different EWM managed location- 2 Sloc

  3. Warehouse and PSA part of 1 EWM managed and 1 IM managed- 2 sloc

  4. PSA is managed by another WHSE- Shuttle Process( Will write blog on this some time latter.)



Automatic wave assignment is failing due to Warehouse End time is missing in Posting change delivery in EWM. It is coming as blank. Need to look upon. To have automatics wave assignment, a check has to happen between  Wave completion time and Posting change delivery Warehouse activity End time



Appreciate your reply. Thanks for reading.

All testing is performed on S/4 HANA Embedded 2020 Version. All points being explained are based on my own research and is not official statement of my organization where I am woking.




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