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Most transaction data entry has been recorded using system time at the database level in SAP. When users check the same date at the front-end, it should be converted into local time(not always, you will see below). Then at SAP FSCM case management, the situation becomes more complex as FSCM case management using GMT time at the database level instead of system time. I'm not basis expert, no idea it's SAP standard-setting deliberately or it's only pure customized configuration.

In this article, I'll use one credit case (which against one Sales order) as an example and go through different timestamps for various related objects& TCodes at SAP FSCM.

System time Vs Local time

Please be aware of the difference between system time and local time. Take my logon as an example, the system time zone is EST while my time zone is UTC+8. UTC+8 time is 12 hours ahead of the system's EST time zone in the summertime.

1. Sales order Create time at Table VBAK

First, check one order with number 0030411255 which created at:

  • 07-16-2020 12:59:41 (EST time)

which is system time. If convert this EST time zone to UTC+8 time ZONE, the time will be:

  • 07-17-2020 00:59:41 (UTC+8 time)

2. Sales order Create date at VA03

Check creation date at VA03, here we can see its system date 07-16-2020 as well.

3.DCD case at SCASE front-end

Find SCASE ID 30001190439 (BP:0004664138, Credit segment: US01) against this sales order 0030411255, which creation time is

  • 07-17-2020 01:00:33 UTC+8 time

converted from system time zone to local time zone. (DCD case been created later than Sales order creation, here delay 52 seconds)

4.DCD at Case table level

At the case table SCMG_T_CASE_ATTR, we can see the creation time is 20200716170033 for case 30001190439. Which is neither system time nor local time, here system using GMT time(source of time at Scase Screen) instead ! Until now all 3-time zones have been involved:

  • EST time(system time zone) for order creation:      07-16-2020 12:59:41

  • GMT time (baseline time zone) for DCD case:        07-16-2020 17:00:33

  • UTC+8 time( local time zone ) for user at SCASE:  07-17-2020 01:00:33

5.Credit check logs

Let's check credit check logs time for this DCD as credit case creation must be triggered by a credit check. We usually using UKM_LOGS_DISPLAY to check details credit check logs, what's the time we should use at its selection screen?

As it's the front end then should be local time, right? Surprise~ it's system time! We always set date/time as a filter when search credit check as there'll be very time-consuming to search check history only with business partner and credit segment without date/time range. So be careful when you search the credit check log using your local time by UKM_LOGS_DISPLAY.

6.Web service message logs

Then how about web method message logs by SRT_TOOLS? using system time at the selection screen?

Nope, SAP follows the rule we expected this time, local time!


The missing log caused by using the wrong date/time at the selection screen or table level will lead to incorrect judgment and decrease your efficiency when the user asks you to verify the credit check progress. It cost me lots of time to notice this point. I hope it can help you as well if you have same timezone setting.

Anyway, it's a strange and confusing setting. If anyone knows the root of this time zone setting please kindly let me know: P