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During the implementation project, I noticed that standard Display Profile in the EWM RF Framework is well suited for RF device with keypad. But with modern touch screen devices the message displayed on the device overlaps the on-screen pushbuttons. Now, the warehouse Professionals cannot access the screen pushbuttons.

Problem Statement: Device Messages overlaps the On-screen pushbuttons.

Solutions: Create a custom display profile to display all the RF device messages on a separate screen (message screen 0002).


RF Framework - Screen Manager

T-code to access the Screen Manager: /SCWM/RFSCR

In the above screenshot the standard display profile has Message Display value as 1, which means the message is displayed on the same screen.

An example of the above problem

Solution Implementation:

Step 1: Create a new Display Profile

  • Goto T-code /SCWM/RFSCR.

    •  Copy the standard display profile  **


  • Keep all the Parameters as the Source Display Profile.

  • Change the Message Display Element to 0

  • Provide a Function Group Name in the Customer Namespace. All the standard screen would be converted and saved in the provided Function Group Name.

  • Select the Create Sub-Screen checkbox to convert all the Screens & Sub-Screen as per the New Display Profile.

Step 2: Update the New Display Profile ( Z1 ) in the Presentation Device.

  • Goto T-code /SCWM/PRDVC

    •  Update the Presentation Device with the New value of Display Profile (Z1)

  • This is the same Presentation Device, which we see when we log in to RFUI.

  • Save & Close.

Step 3: Log in to RF Device

  • Goto T-code /SCWM/RFUI

  • Execute the RF device Transactions.



  • In case of Error, unlike previous scenario Message is displayed on a separate screen.

  • Also the On-Screen Pushbuttons are not overlapped with the Message.



In case of standard display profile the error message overlaps the On-screen Pushbuttons. In such scenarios Warehouse Professionals cannot procced further or go back as the Pushbuttons are no more visible. In case of device with keypad such limitation was not there as Warehouse Professionals could have executed the functionality using the Keypad buttons.

So, in case of Touch Enabled device we can create new Display Profile with Message Display Value as 0  to overcome the Problem.


Thanks for reading the blog-post !

Happy Learning ...Together.  🙂




Vishal Kumar