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I am SAP certified EWM consultant. Working with pharma customer for EWM support.

Topic is important to know in case EWM system is showing update error for interfaces.

In case of such scenario of update errors in EWM system reader should know this information.

Reader will able to solve issue for update error by going out from the blog.

Information is useful for EWM consultants.

This post shared  my personal experience while supporting in EWM system.


Business case

When new material created in ERP system, as a standard process it needs to transfer to EWM system by CIF technique (CFM1 and CFM2 transactions) for decentralize warehouse.

While using these transactions system ask user to select data which needs to transfer to EWM system.

If by mistake user selected plant along with material number.

System creates multiple entry for plant in business partner identification tab which results in ERP and EWM interface issues due to update errors.

As a result users in warehouse will not able to do stock posting through transaction /n/scwm/post.

Stock count is not showing correctly in EWM system with respect to ERP system.

As a result all warehouse work will get disturbed due to small human error.



After transaction /n/scwm/post it is ended up with below error and coming out from the transaction.

All users in warehouse will face this issue for transaction /n/scwm/post

Stocks will be not showing correctly in EWM system.


If we check in SM13 transaction for update error in EWM system will see errors like below


SM13 transaction for update error in EWM system


Root cause

While CIF of material user wrongly CIF business partner due to which there was multiple entries for identification number for business partner.



Due to duplicate entry of identification number for plant in business partner, system didn’t recognizes which is the correct plant

Which results interface issues between ERP and EWM

Solution is to remove duplicate entry which is created recently from identification tab of business partner.

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