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Yeah, it's better to have this here rather than explaining it every time someone asks about how to make a key-figure or a column (non-)editable in DP by a macro.

The below macros will make it possible

  1. to make columns non-editable [COL_INPUT] in the period defined in the step;
  2. to make key-figure [CELL_INPUT] non-editable [for the period defined in the step, of course];

Parameter 0 is false and 1 is true. So, if it is said COL_INPUT( 0 ), it means that inputting the column is false - meaning, not possible. So, COL_INPUT( 0 ) is turning a column in a non-edit mode while the parameter 1 is edit mode. Same applied to CELL_INPUT function while it is only for a key-figure, i.e. at row level and not the column level.

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