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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the technical series of the SAP Transportation Management .

With this blog post, we will learn how to assign the BRFPlus application which can be used to determine the PPF action profiles dynamically.

We had the requirement where PPF profiles need to be determined based on TOR Type.

  • Lets get started and create the BRFPlus application using Tcode BRFPlus

  • Create the BRF+ Application and then create the Function inside the same app

BRF+ Function

  • We created the BRF+ Function as ZFUNC_PPF_GET_PPF_PROFILES with below signature

  • Here, IT_KEY and IT_KEY_DELETED and ET_PPF_PROFILES are mandatory parameters for BRF+ Function

  • Other two parameters, ZT_FREIGHT_DATA and ZT_PPF_PROFILES are like internal tables ( created for intermediate processing)

  • ET_PPF_PROFILES is the exporting parameter which will hold the PPF Profiles.

  • Next step is to create Ruleset inside the BRF+ Function


  • We created Ruleset ZRS_GET_PPF_PROFILE

  • First Rule is to read the BOPF data as we need to get the TOR type. Here, you can call any Procedure to read the data

  • So, we have basically called procedure to get the TOR details and stored it into ZT_FREIGHT_DATA

  • Now, after getting the data, we need to Loop on the data, and need to get the PPF profiles using the decision table. So Rule2 is as below

  • Inside the loop, Decision table is called to get the profiles.

  • Decision table is as below:

Please note, here, am not giving much complex details of each Rule as that's completely developer's logic to write in his own way. I would like to focus more on the concept.



After BRF+ Application is created, we need to assign the app and function in the configuration so that PPF action profiles can be determined by calling this BRF+ Function based on TOR type of the document that gets created.

Path is Open SPRO and then follow below path :


In the Maintain Output Management Adapter Settings, below config is required with Business Object and node :

Assign BRF+ app

In the Func. for Act. Prof. field, enter the BRFplus selection function that returns the
list of PPF profiles for a given BO node.

BRF+ application name.BRF+ Function name

After successful configuration and maintenance, PPF profiles will be determined via BRF+ at runtime.

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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Thank You

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